Magician becoming



My new website went live over 6 months ago and yet for some reason my blog has not written itself – and I thought I was supposed to be a magician!


In these blogs I hope to write a bit about my experience of being a magician in Leeds.  Of course I have not always been based in Leeds but this is where I now call home.


I first came across magic when I was a young boy, I couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 and I remember being transfixed on what seemed to me to be some sort of puzzle. In one of the first tricks I remember I just couldn’t understand how this particular handkerchief had disappeared.  As well as being completely bewildered I also felt frustrated by what was happening.  I recall a strange feeling, almost a cathartic release when the handkerchief reappeared. Suddenly I cared less about where the handkerchief had been, I just wanted to see it happen again!  And yes like most people I still actually wanted to know where it had gone.


And then I remember the Paul Daniels magic show on Saturday nights.  I loved the music at the start as much as the magic although hearing it back now I can’t quite recall why – it wasn’t that great.  I loved the show and I was transfixed whenever magic was on the TV but more so when seeing magicians in real life at various birthday parties.  Then one Christmas I was bought the Paul Daniels magic set.


I was to become a magician.